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only 5 flats for the price

13 000 UAH/m²

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hurry up!


Only until April 10! 5 apartments for the price of 13 000 UAH / m 2 in a comfortable residential complex Panoramic town!
Spring Festival !


By the spring holiday when buying an apartment will get a guaranteed prize – the subject of home appliances !

The formula of a quiet life

Residential Complex Panorama Town launches campaign, to make a bid significantly beneficial. Buying an apartment of 50 sq.m. GIVE to each new investor UAH 10 000. for the purchase of parking spaces.

The promotion is valid until 30 November 2015.

Offer! Why wait! It’s time to buy!

Just for the holiday Halloween large studio apartment with dressing at a bargain price 552 706 UAH. Get the keys in November!

The promotion is valid from 22.10 on 31.10. Recording for viewing on the phone.

Attention, ready housing with the documents!

First section:

  • – glazing performed on 100%
  • – facade works carried out on 80%
  • – 100% ready roof (made insulation, installed railings, fences)
  • – works on installation of balcony railings are made on the 10th floor
  • – 100% works on installation of doors stairway
  • – set the door in the elevator lobby, elevator purchased
  • – apartment doors installed on the 5th floor
  • – san made. Technical work on the 7th floor
  • – floor screed filled in 6 floor
  • – made wiring for the 4 floor

Second section:

  • – are executed monolithically
  • – frame work 8 floors
  • – are executed masonry work of the outer walls 1, 2, 3 floors

Affordable to everyone!

APARTMENT for 160 000 UAH. and the installments from the builder – up to 6 months with fixing in the hryvnia. References in sales.

Impeccable service!

Come to watch the apartment of your dreams. A trip to the sales department in a comfortable car. Details by phone: +38 (044) 459 25 15

The installments from the builder

The first installment of 50% the remaining 50% in installments of up to 6 months. Fixing the prices in national currency for installments. Not enough money? Individual approach to each, we invite you to our sales department, with joy shall count the best option.